Exchange Programmes

If your club has seasonal peaks and a quiet off-season, one of the great benefits of the CMAE is the ability for your club to retain good staff in the off-season by sending them to a club in another part of Europe to work for a few months, when you are quiet but they are busy.

When the northern European countries are in winter, the Mediterranean clubs get busy, and the same is true in the peak summer months, when clubs in the hottest countries (like the Middle East) are very quiet, but the northern European clubs are at their busiest.

Through the CMAE network, you can make contact with club managers in other parts of Europe and set up staff exchange programmes, and your staff will come back to work for you with new experiences to share, highly motivated for your season.

In most cases, the club receiving the staff will cover the costs of flights and accommodation, and arrange for work visas if required, as they will be getting qualified and experienced staff for a short term contract. Staff exchange programmes work best when staff move the other way at the opposite time of the year, so costs are shared equitably and it is a truly win-win situation for both clubs.

The CMAE will be pleased to make introductions for members thinking about this, and also put you in touch with other club managers who have done staff exchange programmes successfully in the past.

CMAE members should login to the members zone and post a notice on the CMAE Members-only group discussion board on LinkedIn.