European Conference 2024 schedule

VENUE: The Caledonian Club, 9 Halkin Street Belgravia London SW1X 7DR

10.00 Conference Registration

11.15 Employee Engagement, Ciara Aspinall

Ciara’s presentation, titled “Unlocking The Power Of Employee Engagement,” promises to provide invaluable insights and strategies for club managers and industry professionals seeking to optimise their workforce and foster a culture of engagement within their clubs during periods of change.

12.30 Touching Points between Surviving a Massive Stroke and 30 Years as a CM, Gustav Putter

Gustav has been in the sport and leisure and related corporate industry of which 30 years was spent as a club manager. He then suffered a stroke shortly after retiring, and now applies those challenges brought about by the stroke to inspire management and employees to be better.

14.45 Capital Planning, Club Benchmarking

In this session, John McCormack CCM and James Burns CCM  will delve into the common issues that undermine the effectiveness of capital planning efforts in the club industry and will explain the core components of a comprehensive and sustainable capital plan that can help your club thrive.

16.15 TBC

17.00 Drinks and Networking

18.45 – 22.30 Thames Boat Trip (coach leaves Caledonian at 18.15)

VENUE: Royal Automobile Club, 89 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HS

09.30 Challenging perceptions & The psychology of winning, Maggie Alphonsi MBE

Maggie will share how delegates can create a winning mindset and be the best version of themselves. It will encourage them to step out of their comfort zones, be courageously brave and lead from the front. It will energize, motivate and inspire! Delegates will explore what kind of leader they want to be and how they can get the best out of their teams. The session will also take a deep dive into high performing teams and their key to success.

11.00 Putting the Governance Puzzle Together, KK&W

Great Governance is a process not an event. Progress occurs with small best practices wins that accumulate over time, creating momentum that keeps your governance evolving and enduring. Thoughtful practices around Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, Communication, Education, Strategic Planning, Budget Alignment, Leadership Development, Governance Portals, Decision/Responsibilities Matrix, BPM, Orientation, Charters, Master Goals, and Board and Committee evaluations become the cogs to a well-oiled governance machine

11.00 Buckinghamshire – Transformation to Private Members Club

13.15 How Leaders can Eliminate Destructive Habits & Build New Super Habits in 4 Science-Based Steps, Dr Jon Finn

Dr. Jon Finn will be presenting on the topic: “How Leaders can Eliminate Destructive Habits & Build New Super Habits in 4 Science-Based Steps”. His expertise in the field of habit formation and behavioral psychology promises to offer invaluable insights for club managers and leaders seeking to supercharge motivation, performance and happiness for themselves and their workforce in a post-pandemic world.

15.30 Education Session – TBC

15.30 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Jules Murray & Darshan Singh

In today’s world, diversity encompasses a multitude of dimensions, from generational differences to ethnicity, gender, colour, personality and beyond. With their extensive experience and expertise, Singh and Murray will delve into the crucial role that diversity plays in fostering a thriving club environment. By harnessing inclusive leadership and fostering psychological safety, clubs will thrive as a dynamic and high performing TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More).

17.10 CMAE Annual General Meeting

17.30-19.00 Drink Reception & Networking at The Travellers Club

VENUE: Lansdowne Club, 9 Fitzmaurice Pl, London W1J 5JD

09.00 Forging a world class employee culture, Damon DiOrio, CCM, CCE

Since 2003, Damon served as Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte Country Club, a 114-year-old member-owned Club, regarded for excellence as a top-ten private club in North America. He currently serves as the CEO of Desert Mountain Club, an 8,000 acre private club in Scottsdale, Arizona. Damon is one of the only Club Executives in the World to be the CEO of two different Top Ten Platinum Clubs of North America under his leadership.

10.45 Authentic Leadership, Helen Monument

Helen will delve into the essential components of authentic leadership, drawing from her own leadership journey. Authenticity starts with knowing yourself, looking in the mirror and asking yourself: Am I being the best I can be? Do I care about these people?  Do I want them to feel that they can trust me? Do I want the best for them and will I do my best for them?

11.45 Hunt Success, Don’t Fear Failure – Resilience in the Workplace, Eddie Burnham-West

Eddie West-Burnham will deliver a highly anticipated session titled “Hunt Success, Don’t Fear Failure – Resilience in the Workplace,” where he will delve into the critical role resilience plays in overcoming adversity. His presentation will explore how developing resilience can empower individuals and organizations to bounce back from challenges, learn from experiences, grow stronger, and thrive even in the most demanding circumstances.

13.45 AI in the Club World, George Stavros, Pacesetter

George will present a groundbreaking session on how new artificial intelligence (AI) innovations are set to revolutionize the club space once again. Not only will you gain a 35,000-foot view of AI’s potential, but we will zoom in and you’ll walk away knowing how to execute 5 of the smartest ideas right away. During the presentation you’ll watch a mini documentary that shows a step by step journey using AI tools to improve both member and employee experiences. For example, you will watch a hospitality leader personalize videos in minutes, not months.  

16.15 High-performance teams, leadership, dealing with adversity, Mark Beaumont

Mark Beaumont has made a career of World firsts and records to over 130 nations & territories, made documentaries over 15 years, as well as publishing 5 books. Having cycled around the World twice, he now holds this 18,000-mile record in 78 days & 14 hours – achieving the famous ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ for the first time by bicycle. A hugely experienced keynote and conference speaker, Mark is valued for his ability to translate performance & strategy planning in the expedition world to a wide range of business audiences.

19.30 – 20.00 Gala Dinner Reception at the RAC

20.00 – 22.00 Gala Dinner – CCM & CMdip presentations

The following activities are optional for delegates and charges will apply. As places are limited they will be booked on a first come first served basis.

Tour of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club – Home of Wimbledon

Golf at Sunningdale Golf Club

Golf at The Berkshire

Golf at Buckinghamshire Golf Club

Golf at Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

Golf at Stoke Park