The CMAE is pleased to offer the following education online

Powerplay Webinars 

Powerplay was launched in March 2020 when the world was hit with the Covid-19 pandemic and countries went into lockdown. The Powerplay webinar series comprises of four elements - Powerplay 600, which is 600 seconds of content around one subject from one of our educators or experts in the field; Powerplay Coffeeshop, a chat or discussion over a subject with one of our members; Powerplay Panel, a discussion with a selected panel; and Powerplay LIVE which is a live discussion with selected panelists that members can listen to. All of our Powerplay webinars are available to view on the members section of the CMAE website. 

You as a manager and individual 

This workshop will assist you in becoming your best performing self for long term personal and professional gain. The workshop will get delegates thinking about where you currently are in your career and use tools to plan a strategy to move you towards your professional ambitions.

This is a demand-led workshop, to register your interest please email

Take control of your digital footprint 

This workshop will go through which are the most important social channels to be seen in for a club and which other digital channels are also important to have a clear presence in order to get as clear a digital footprint as possible.

This is a demand-led workshop, to register your interest please email


Colour Accounting 

This unique, visual framework will use simple concepts to explain the mechanics of accounting and the structure of financial information. The language of accounting is then brought to life with logical and intuitive examples.

The workshop will be held virtually in a series of three sessions on the 16th, 17th, 18th June. 

For details and to book download the brochure

Online Debriefing Workshop 

The STARS Model is a Situational Performance tool, a thought processor and action tool. It focuses on the human element and tactical situational reactions, sights and efforts on the decisions made to achieve an outstanding goal that takes you beyond the horizon of a critical situation performance.

The support this tool provides helps with frontline team connection (teams and boards) and positive outcomes, before during and after, at the same time keeping your emergency plans alive. It’s added value of creating protocols or flushing out the after math of a critical situation.

This is a demand-led workshop, to register your interest please email

Enhancing Personal Impact workshop 

Enhancing Personal Impact is an online workshop designed to provide invaluable advice on how to maximise your presence and create a powerful impact on the people you meet and work with.

The workshop is designed to help delegates discover their ‘brand’ and is aimed at those seeking to enhance their self- confidence and personal impact, become more self-aware of their abilities, have a greater presence and learn to create a first and lasting impression.

This is a demand-led workshop, to register your interest please email



Redundancy workshop 

“How to Design, Manage and Conduct a Professional and Compassionate Redundancy Programme” is an online workshop designed to support those managers who are given the task of implementing redundancies, despite having little experience, training or coaching on how to manage the redundancy process. 

The workshop covers all manners of the redundancy process, including the legal framework, stress management, building and maintain moral within the club for members and remaining staff

This is a demand-led workshop, to register your interest please email


Creating the Dream Team 

Join Jules Murray on 7th July 9am to 12 noon and 14th July 9am to 12 noon (2 x 3 Hours) where we can unpick current beliefs, behaviours and perceptions of your Team and explore new ideas and agile ways to dynamic new processes and behavioural patterns.

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Of Major Winners and Management Leaders 

For this webinar Ian Peek draws on his four years of PhD study into high performing individuals to lay out the ‘people secrets’ to being your best and outperforming the competition. The content for this webinar comes largely from the 60+ hours Ian has spent privately interviewing 15 of the world’s leading professional Golfers on how they made it to the very top of their chosen business. This webinar is not about playing Golf but concerns itself with the strategic and operational decisions these 15 individuals made to ascend to the top of their industry.

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Filming with your mobile for social media channels 

In this 4 hour workshop, you will get a thorough overview of how to film great clips with your mobile camera, edit and upload to your chosen channel.

The workshop will be a mix of lecture, guiding in tools and practical tasks. Both on capturing videos and editing videos. At the end of the workshop you will feel confident with your knowledge of producing video material with a mobile camera, and know how to easily edit content to suit different platforms.

For more information and to book download the brochure