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Members clubs, sports clubs and leisure facilities handle lots of information: members’ details, supplier contracts, HR records, event bookings, invoices and more. If all of these details are stored on paper, it makes finding, processing and sharing of information an arduous task. It is inefficiencies like these that place an unnecessary drain on staff resources and can create delays in your business workflows.

At DMC Canotec, we work with private sport and member clubs to transform the way they work through clever use of technology.

Our aim is to help both the club and its managers work as efficiently as they possibly can, whether you are a multi-site organisation or a single site club.

We understand that managing your information more efficiently can allow you to be more dynamic and ultimately improve your member’s experience, which in turn, will make your organisation more successful.

We look forward to engaging with your club to understand your challenges and deliver on what matters to you, your managers and your members.

​The CMAE’s dedication to education and supporting its members is a great story and one that we wanted to be involved with.

Our technology helps companies to save time and be as productive as possible which resonates with the CMAE’s objective of helping managers to improve and become more efficient. We are very excited to be working alongside the CMAE, its member clubs and the managers of the future

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