The CCM designation has been the hallmark of professionalism in club management since 1965 and is the cornerstone of CMAE’s member recognition programme. It is a valuable and widely respected mark of a manager’s commitment to professional development and the club industry.

Here are the current Certified Club Managers in Europe, Middle East & Northern Africa: 

Mark Anderson CCM

Secretary at the Australian Club, Australia

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Daniel Asis CCM

Greenfee Revenue Ltd, Spain

David Balden CCM

Club Secretary at the Caledonian Club, England

Patrick Bradshaw CCM

General Manager at Blainroe Golf Club, Ireland

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Michael Braidwood CCM

General Manager at Education City Golf Club, Qatar

James Burns CCM

General Manager at Milltown Golf Club, Ireland

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Robert Brewer CCM

Secretary at Royal Wimbledon Golf Club, England

Anthony Caira CCM

PGA Professional at Education City Golf Club, Qatar

Jim Callaghan CCM

General Manager at Largs Golf Club, Scotland

Andrew Campbell CCM

Business Owner at Campbell Golf Associates, Scotland

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Arnaldo Cocuzza CCM

Clubhouse Manager at Woodmont Country Club, USA

David Cook CCM

Regional Manager GCMA, England

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Gavin Cook CCM

PGA Professional at Elie Sports Club, Scotland

Alastair Curbbun CCM

Assistant Manager at Brooks's, England

Carlos de Linares Saez CCM

General Manager at La Romana Golf Club, Spain

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John Duncan CCM

Retired Club Manager, Scotland

Andrea Faldella CCM

Els Club, Dubai

Cristian Fiora CCM

Golf Club Villa Paradiso, Italy

Kevin Fish CCM

Contemporary Club Leadership Ltd, Scotland

Padraig Flattery CCM

Retired Club Manager, Ireland

Donal Flinn CCM

Retired Club Manager, Ireland

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David Gemmell CCM

General Manager at Turnhouse, Scotland

Tristan Hall CCM

Secretary at Sunningdale Golf Club, England

Alberto Iglesias CCM

General Manager at Font Del Llop Golf Club, Spain

Jerry Kilby CCM

General Manager at Woodcote Park Golf Club, England

John Lawler CCM

General Manager at Royal Portrush Golf Club, Ireland

Chris Lomas CCM

Secretary at Worplesdon Golf Club, England

Christopher May CCM

CEO at Dubai Golf, UAE

John McCormack CCM

General Manager at Castle Golf Club, Ireland

Derek McKenzie CCM

General Manager Bahrain Rugby Football Club, Bahrain

Ray Mooney CCM

General Manager at The Stephens Green Hibernian Club, Ireland

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Alessandro Napoli CCM

Monferrato Golf Club, Italy

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Marc Newey CCM, CCE

CEO at Roehampton Club, England

Michael Newland CCM

Secretary at The Berkshire Golf Club, England

Mike O'Connell CCM

Operations Director at ESP Leisure Ltd, England

Ascanio Pacelli CCM

Club Manager at Terre de Consoli Golf Club, Italy

Fernando Padron CCM

General Manager at Riviera Maya Golf Club, Mexico

Debbie Pern CCM

Club Manager at Deeside Golf Club, Scotland

Richard Pennell CCM

Club Secretary at Woking Golf Club, England

David Roy CCM

Managing Secretary at Crail Golfing Society, Scotland

Silvia Serrano CCM

Finance Director at Real Club Valderrama, Spain

Ronan Smyth CCM

General Manager at Old Conna Golf Club, Ireland

Nick Solski CCM

Owner at Boomers & Swingers Driving Range, England

Gabriel Sota CCM

Director Escuela de golf Ramón Sota, Spain

Russell Stebbings CCM

General Manager at Frilford Heath Golf Club, England

Graham Stewart CCM

General Manager at Highgate Golf Club, England

Alan Threadgold CCM

Chief Operating Officer, Bookassist

Staffan Tuomolin CCM

Managing Director at Sarfvik Golf Club, Finland

Adam Walsh CCM

General Manager at Sunningdale Golf Club, England

Michael Walsh CCM

Executive Director at IGCMA, Ireland

Andrew Whitelaw CCM

General Manager at Portmarnock Golf Club, Ireland

Mohammed Attalah CCM

Golf Business Development Consultant

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Nathanael Pietrzak-Swirc CCM

Director of Golf at UGolf Avignon Chateaublanc

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Rhys Beecher CCM

Director of Golf at Education City Golf Club

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Dean Nelson CCM

Director of Golf / Deputy General Manager at the Hong Kong Golf Club

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Frankie O'Donnell CCM

House Manager at the Caledonian Club

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Alex Woodward CCM

General Manager
Hankley Common Golf Club

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Patrick Dean CCM

Manager at Malone Golf Club

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Ed Edwards CCM

Chief Operating Officer at Golf Saudi

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Yassen Yankov CCM

General Manager, The In & Out (Naval and Military Club)

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Francisco de Lancastre David CCM

Cluster General Manager at Troon Golf 

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Scott Patience CCM


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Chris Duffy CCM

General Manager at Modry Las Resort 

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Claire Llewellin-Davis CCM

General Manager at Hollandse Club Singapore

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Cyprien Comoy CCM

Director of Membership & Communications at Vidauban Golf Club

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