Tory Brettell

Traffic Health and Fitness Limited


Rick Bond

Director, St Andrews Management Centre


Michael Braidwood

General Manager, Education City Golf Club


Steven Brown

Owner, Inn-formation

John Bull

Founder, Tall Tree Performance Leadership


Nigel Cartwright

Former EPB Chairman & CEO of the ECEF


David Colclough 

Head of Member Education, PGA


Russ Conde

COO & Co-Founder, Club Benchmarking


Rod Findlay

Director of Strategy & Governance, England Golf


Steuart Fotheringham

Technical expert, Health & Safety


Kevin Fish

Contemporary Club Leadership


Kenneth Harvey

Head of Customer Operations, Edinburgh Leisure


Rob Hill

Partner, Global Golf Advisors


Jason Koenigsfeld

Sr. Vice President, Professional Development, CMAA

Elaine Patterson

HR Consultant


Gregg Patterson

President of Tribal Magic & Former GM of The Beach Club


Duncan Ritchie

Financial Consultant


David Roy

General Manager, Crail Golfing Society


Sharron Ruttledge

InTouch Training & Development Consultants


Bill Sanderson

Owner, The Business Performance Coach


Darshan Singh

Senior HRM Consultant, MTI Consulting