Delegates attending the virtual three day European Conference on Club Management will receive a complimentary digital copy of the book, “Lead Out Loud: Keys to Unlock Your Professional Excellence” written by keynote speaker Vincent Phipps.

82% of firings, resignations, and lack of promotions, are not because of lacking technical knowledge but because of lacking interpersonal communication. The book Lead Out Loud will help you amplify your leadership communication with the proper fuel and tools. The fuel is your attitude. The tools are your communication skills. Lead Out Loud will show you techniques to amplify both your fuel and your tools to be a better leader and communicator.

The virtual event will place over three days from the 30th November to the 2nd December 2020 with Vincent presenting a keynote session on day 2 of the conference and a 90 minute workshop on day 3.

“Vincent is an incredibly inspirational person” says Torbjorn Johansson, CMAE’s Director of Education. “We can all learn a lot from Vincent, his contagious energy and his techniques for personal and professional empowerment. This is a session not to be missed”.

Delegates attending the conference will also gain vital Association and education credits which will count towards the CCM exam eligibility. 5 association credits will be awarded to those attending the conference plus 1 education credit for each hour of education.

Other keynote speakers at the conference include GGA Partners Rob Hill where he will suggest metrics for measuring leadership success in 2020 and beyond, Arnaldo Cocuzza CCM will talk about his fascinating story from being a successful club manager in Italy and President of CMAE, to then losing his job and starting his new life in the USA where he now finds himself at the exclusive Desert Mountain Club in Arizona, plus Andre Van Hall, who uses his own experiences of going blind, losing his job and getting cancer to inspire people to influence change and not be afraid of it.

The event is open to CMAE members only and members of CMAA, CMAS, CMASA, CMHK, GMA, GMANZ.

Full details and a link to register can be found at