The CMAE has today announced a brand-new online debriefing workshop using the STARS model situational performance tool. 

The STARS Model is a Situational Performance tool, a thought processor and action tool. It focuses on the human element and tactical situational reactions, sights and efforts on the decisions made to achieve an outstanding goal that takes you beyond the horizon of a critical situation performance.

The support this tool provides helps with frontline team connection (teams and boards) and positive outcomes, before during and after, at the same time keeping your emergency plans alive. It’s added value of creating protocols or flushing out the after math of a critical situation.

The half day virtual workshop will take place on the 25th August from 1:00pm to 17:00 GMT and is limited to just 8 delegates.

Presenting the workshop is the renowned Laurie Martin, who is a trauma treatment specialist, Elder Planning Counselor, author, and teacher for crisis and risk deterrence, and provides crisis response. Laurie has been working with Club leaders all over the world for 25 years.

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