As Venues begin to re-open next weekend in England including Clubhouses at Golf Clubs & other sports venues, just how Covid-19 safe is yours?

Are you ensuring that you are protecting & guiding your members & visitors with professionally produced graphics & signage? After the loyalty your members have shown in lockdown, don’t they deserve that?

From 4th July, your clubhouse, catering facilities & bar can re-open, providing they adhere to ‘COVID-19 Safe’ guidelines.

So are you guiding people around your venue to keep a social distance of ‘1 metre plus’, meaning staying 1 metre apart to reduce the risk of transmission?

MB Golf has updated our Hey! collection of Social Distancing Signs & Graphics according to the new Government guidance. Our exclusive ‘off the shelf’ designs for your clubhouse & outside spaces will help welcome your members & guests back in a calm, coherent way.

They display vital, yet informal reminders to stay alert & keep a safe distance from each other in line with the national effort to keep the ‘R’ below 1 and save lives.

To review the updated ‘Hey! 1+ brochure’ click here.

View our full range of Covid-19 graphics, signage & Sanitiser stations to protect your venue, your staff, members & guests here: facebook/MBgolf/Covid19Safe/Graphics&Sanitisers

Please contact Mark Bradford Founder of MB Golf for more info & prices. Lead times are just a few days so if you act fast, we could deliver your graphics before you re-open.
 M 07867 310015