Connecting to Club Managers

The association along with its partners have created a series of events with networking opportunities and have compiled a club managers database to help fulfil two of the CMAE’s objectives;

    1. To provide and promote educational events to meet diverse needs
    2. To provide members with networking opportunities, assistance with career development, employment opportunities and recruitment
As a whole, the association believe that networking is imperative to an individuals and clubs development via the learning of best practice and understanding of current and predicted trends in the industry. Further to this, the CMAE has created an area where students can instantly network electronically to other members, including club managers and highlight their profiles to potential employers. The association knows how hard it is for students to find jobs after graduation, especially in the club industry. Consequently, we want to give student members the best possible opportunity to get into the industry as quick as possible after graduating and so encourage all to send their applications in for a #StudentProfile+ account and start networking with other members. Services the CMAE provide to help you;

Please contact us if you have any suggestions to improve this area.