Following the success of the virtual workshops hosted in 2020 the CMAE are pleased to announce a further three new virtual workshops focusing on accounting and finance, social media and career development.

The first workshop entitled ‘You as a manager and individual: Your journey here and the road ahead’ will assist you in becoming your best performing self for long term personal and professional gain. The workshop will get delegates thinking about where you currently are in your career and use tools to plan a strategy to move you towards your professional ambitions.

This workshop will take place over two sessions on the 24th February and 3rd March each taking 4 hours and is limited to 16 delegates. For details and to book download the brochure 

The second workshop is entitled ‘Take control of your digital footprint’ and will go through which are the most important social channels to be seen in for a club and which other digital channels are also important to have a clear presence in order to get as clear a digital footprint as possible.

This four hour workshop will take place on the 25th February and is limited to 30 delegates. For details and to book download the brochure

The final workshop entitled ‘Colour Accounting’ is designed to deliver real financial literacy quickly and effectively by approaching the subject visually.

This unique, visual framework will use simple concepts to explain the mechanics of accounting and the structure of financial information. The language of accounting is then brought to life with logical and intuitive examples.

The workshop will be held virtually in a series of three sessions on the 24th ,25th 26th March. The first workshop will take 3 hours and the second and third workshops will take 2 hours, with an open-ended Q&A at the end of each session.

Mark Wycherley CMDip, Manager at Waterlooville Golf Club has attended the workshop previously and commented “The content of Colour Accounting, combined with Adam’s presentation style, is highly interactive with constant running examples and explanations of accounting terms kept simple so they make sense outside of the training room! The journey Colour Accounting takes the learner through first helps build a foundation as to how accounts are formed, before fully understanding the key financial reports and the benefits they offer. Being a golfer, Adam can relate to the challenges we face as club managers and offers great nuggets of advice along the way. He doesn’t shy away from any question. I am sure any club manager will come away from his sessions not only understanding Finance and Accounting more comprehensively, but also with some great takeaways applicable to their specific club.”

For details and to book download the brochure