The CMAE has once again shown that the Management Development Programme is helping participants to progress in their club management careers as a CMAE member has been appointed in their first General Manager role at one of London’s sports clubs.

Ricardo Monteiro CMDip joins as General Manager of The Parsons Green Sports & Social Club in Fulham.

Having worked in the Club industry since the age of 17, Ricardo has worked his way through various positions at the Royal Automobile Club before becoming Sports & Fitness Manager back in February 2014. He then began his career pathway with the CMAE in 2015 and has since completed 3 MDP programs and was recently certified with the Club Management Diploma for completing MDP2 and the work based assignment.

Pictured - Ricardo Monteiro, General Manager at Parsons Green Sports & Social Club

Pictured - Ricardo Monteiro, General Manager at Parsons Green Sports & Social Club

Ricardo believes that he would have not got to where he is today without the knowledge from the programs and the network created around this.

“It’s incredibly satisfying to be putting the knowledge and skills I learnt throughout the programs into full practice with my new role” said Ricardo.

Ricardo has been working to lead into a General Manager position and believes this opportunity will develop him to become not only a better leader, but also widen his skill set to a new level.

CMAE’s Director of Education Torbjorn Johansson also commented “I’m delighted to see Ricardo land his first club management role. He has worked hard on his personal and professional development through the MDP and now that hard work has been rewarded.”

The Parsons Green Sports & Social Club was founded in 1886 to keep the Members together during the summer months, and such a cricket club was formed. Sadly in 1951 the local council purchased the cricket ground and this saw the end of the cricket & golf sections. The Club has undergone a major development which will be completed in August 2019 and will see a brand new clubhouse along with various sport & social activities.

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