MDP 1 – Club Operations

Part 1 is a week long course targeted in particular towards those managers who are either new to a post, recently appointed or simply want to enhance their knowledge so that they may better serve their club committee, owners and members. At the end of the week, those taking the course will have an excellent grasp of the basics in every area of club business, and will have established a valuable network of support for their career in this industry.

The curriculum and learning outcomes have been provided by the Club Managers Association of Europe and this training course is endorsed by the Club Managers Association of America as part of the educational pathway to the Certified Club Manager (CCM) qualification.

Club Governance

The structure, the process and the politics. You will explore best practice in this area and discover the common traits of the most effective volunteer committees.

Marketing in Clubs

Gone are the days when a club could afford to ignore the opportunities presented by effective marketing campaigns. Whether your club is aiming to recruit members or attract visitors, this course will give you the basics of that plan, considering current trends, modern social media and the use of demographic tools.

Statutory Compliance & Risk Management 

To help you sleep peacefully at night you need to know that you have all the basics covered with regard to Health & Safety, Employment Law and many other legal hurdles facing your club. Experts, familiar with private clubs in each of these areas of law, will be on hand to give you the knowledge that will help keep you and your Club out of court.

Food & Beverage Basics

Whether your operation is in house or outsourced, there is far more Member focus on this area of the business than ever before. Gaining knowledge of stock control,menu construction, bar set up and industry standards will enable you as a modern manager to balance the conflicting demands of delivering great food and beverage with achievable financial results.

Introduction to Club Accounting and Budgeting

Financial Management is the most common competency area to trip up a Club Manager. This session will begin to build your knowledge, credibility and most importantly confidence so that you are better prepared to handle financial statements such as the profit & loss, balance sheet and budgets.

The Importance of Service in Clubs

In this competitive environment there is always a competitor willing to look after your customers. You will learn how to guide your staff so that they react correctly to the many opportunities they have to impress a customer each year, and to remind members why they should renew their subscription for the following year.

Management & Delegation

There is only one of you, so how can you create a supportive environment to help manage change in your club? You will learn what are the do’s and don’ts of effective delegation in a club.

Effective Staff Management in a Club

Managing staff in a club environment is especially challenging but is the key to high performance & member satisfaction. You will learn sound HR principles and management skills to support you in this goal.

The Basics of Strategic Planning

Without a plan your club can spend many hours and many pounds heading in the wrong direction. This course will help you start the process of plotting the best way forward for your club so that your management team and committee are pulling in the same direction.

Facility Maintenance

Often overlooked until it is too late, your facilities need to reflect the short and long term aspirations of your club, taking into account customer demand, safety, legal requirements, financial restraints and many other factors. Learn to plan for the future through a combination of maintenance and capital investment programmes.

Effective Member Communications

Members demand up to date, well written and appropriate communication, which will consume much of the club managers daily life. You will be given techniques to best manage this part of your job in the context of a modern club utilising modern technology.

Career Development & Professionalism

We are lucky to work in places where our customers choose to spend their leisure time, but despite that fact, job satisfaction can be hard to find. We will establish how to obtain the correct training and focus to cement the trust of your committee and your members.


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