MDP Testimonials

Here is what our previous delegates have to say about our Management Development Programme. ​The education programme MDP I and II has been really what I was looking for. It is very important to be updated with different aspects of the day to day business managing a golf course, and those weeks refresh many subjects, having […]

CMAE European Conference on Club Management

The 2020 CMAE conference will come alive online! 30th November to the 2nd December 2020 The Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) 2020 European Conference on Club Management will take place online for the first time ever. The virtual event will take place over three days from the 30th November to the 2nd December 2020 and will […]

CMAE Leadership Summit – Presentations and Recordings

Welcome – Torbjorn Johansson Welcome and Summit Overview by Torbjorn Johansson, CMAE Director of Education Download Presentation    Why should I be led by you? – Biddy Lloyd-Jones A manager title is given to you, a leadership title has to be earned by those you lead. It is attained, not ascribed. The word ‘leadership’ by […]

Leadership Summit Session: US Industry Trends

We live in a world of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity) that requires managers of business and clubs to more nimble and forward focused.  Watching trends is one way to be prepared for what may impact your club, your management team, and your members. In this session, Jeff Morgan (CMAA’s CEO) will briefly share […]

Leadership Summit Session: Creativity and Innovation drives excellence

The benefits of creativity and innovation in the workplace are countless. Driving creativity and innovation within your organization leads to higher team engagement and will unlock a more meaningful culture, which will produce more robust results. The most outstanding organizations and leaders foster a culture of creativity and innovation. The most talented and driven future […]

How to pick your fights

It is worth reflecting that club life often crackles with tension and can be soaked with thinly disguised anger emanating from members harbouring a favoured conspiracy theory, or a strongly held belief of widespread incompetence. Former CMAE President David Roy CCM, Secretary Manager at Crail Golfing Society, examines the art of picking your fights. Despite […]

The Reflective Experience – researching ‘Rude’

If you’re in hospitality, if you’re in the people business, you’ve encountered ‘Rude’. Every day. You’ve seen Rude, felt Rude, absorbed Rude and become fluent in Rude. Gregg Patterson, Founder and President of ‘Tribal Magic!!!’ examines how to prepare for it and how to purge it. Every Day – ‘Rude’ The Rude irritate and annoy […]

Leadership Summit Session: Why should I be led by you?

A manager title is given to you, a leadership title has to be earned by those you lead.  It is attained, not ascribed.  The word ‘leadership’ by definition requires followers.  So why should they be led by you? This session will look at the difference between leadership and management and why attitude and behaviour are […]

Leadership Summit Session: The Power of Culture

Culture will define your club, it’s your guiding principle, it is a shared system of beliefs, it directs and guides the way your team acts and feels. Consumers and members are looking for more than they used to, a sense of alignment and engagement, they don’t just want to be a member, they want to […]

ECEF Young Manager Bursaries open for 2021 applications with TWO bursaries to be awarded this year!

The European Club Education Foundation (ECEF) is delighted to invite applicants from existing and aspiring Club Managers aged under 30 who want to enrol on the Club Managers Association of Europe’s (CMAE) renowned Management Development Programme (MDP).  MDP Part 1 focuses on Club Operations and is seen as the best entry level management course in […]

Navigating through difficult times

In a time of uncertainty, discomfort, or fear, it is the right time to focus your attention and energies on being responsive to all of the unpredictable situations that lie ahead. It’s a wide-spread crisis; however, when you rise to the occasion, you will realize just how effective and resilient a leader you are, says […]

Six steps to building personal resilience

RESILIENCE is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or change, adapting in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy or threats. It’s an important word to keep hold of. Jules Murray explains. So how are you coping during Covid-19 and what are you doing to build your resilience to this unprecedented interruption to ‘business as […]