Activities of the CMAE are directed and governed by a Board of Directors, all of whom are working club managers.

The CMAE Board meets four times a year and the Annual General Meeting of the CMAE is generally held in October or November each year at different locations around Europe (or Middle East).

Board members are elected for a four year period of office, and the Board nominate one of their number to be the President of the CMAE for a two-year period. The CMAE President acts as Chairman of all Board meetings and as spokesman and ambassador for the CMAE during his/her period of office.

Membership of the CMAE

We encourage club managers to become Active members of the CMAE.  If a club manager is NOT a member of one of our Alliance Partners or CMAE Regions (see below), they can join the CMAE directly and become an active member of the association (Join Today). The majority of CMAE active members in this category are working in countries where there is no national club managers association for them to join.

CMAE Alliance Partners

A number of national club managers associations have decided that all of their members would benefit from being Active CMAE members, so have joined their membership 'en-bloc'. Our Alliance Partners are responsible for organising educational opportunities in their individual countries, and delivering education programmes locally within an agreed framework that will provide the knowledge required by club managers for them to take the CCM exam.

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CMAE Regions

In the United Kingdom, CMAE members have organised themselves into a region to enable them to provide educational events and activities for CMAE members locally. This is also the case in the Middle East & Nothern Africa (MENA). These Regions are managed by Regional Boards, elected by members within that region. The Regions are the England Region and the MENA Region. 

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