The CMAE has two publications through which it communicates with its members and with those involved in the European Club Industry.  They are:

Clubhouse Europe: a quarterly magazine with editorial focused on best practice in European club management. For more details on this publication, please click here.  

ClubNetworker: a monthly e-newsletter for the club industry, targeting club managers, industry suppliers and professional managers, owners and operators, committees and boards, plus sports organisations and governing bodies. Published monthly, ClubNetworker offers club managers a wide range of articles featuring industry news, trends and developments, conference announcements and educational updates.  To subscribe to ClubNetworker, please click here.

Latest News

28 Nov 2019The Family Opinion

Renewing a club membership used to be a straightforward matter. The member receives dues notification, pays a subscription, and club life continues. But as much as club managers may want that to be the case, increasingly, it simply is not.

26 Nov 2019CMAE England regional education calendar kicks off in the North

The Club Managers Association of Europe’s region in England will kick-start their regional education calendar on 11th December with a Governance & Business Planning seminar at Huddersfield Golf Club.

22 Nov 2019Cascais sets the scene for CMAE European Conference on Club Management

The Club Managers Association of Europe (CMAE) European conference on club management took place at the Clube de Naval in Cascais, Portugal from the 17-19 November.

15 Nov 2019CMAE regional relaunch expands territory to all of England

The Club Managers Association of Europe’s region in England has expanded their reach across the whole of the country with an education calendar encompassing venues throughout England.

05 Nov 2019Food & Beverage MDP delights delegates in Marbella

The Club Managers Association of Europe’s education programme on Food and Beverage Management was recently completed in Marbella, Spain.