Below is bank of articles that have been published in Clubhouse Europe magazine

Time management – a crucial tool for success

The golden rule of business says that effective time management is the key to success.

Polar bears and penguins

What catapults organisations to be ahead of the competition? Susan Stevenson, a presenter at the CMAE’s European Conference and co-author of Polar Bears and Penguins examines the guiding principles for a high performance culture.

Social media in the workplace

Social media is an immense power when it comes to reaching out to members. But it is also a power which needs to be carefully harnessed. ACAS explores the issues and offers guidelines for employers and employees on establishing and implementing a social media policy.

Habits of Highly Effective Health Club Managers

What separates a reasonably competent club manager from an inspiring one? And how do inspiring club managers organise their day, week, month and year? Tory Brettell examines the traits of a successful manager and confident leader.

Preparing for your upcoming budget cycle

Autumn is with us and indications are that as club leaders prepare to go into their annual budgeting cycle, most European economies are witnessing steady improvement and positive forecasts. GGA’s Rob Hill examines the outlook and offers best budgeting advice.

Double protection

Golf courses aiming to face up to the challenge of turf disease and maintain high quality playing surfaces for their customers throughout autumn and winter have been just been handed a new, highly effective solution, Syngenta’s Instrata Elite. The company explains.

Planning for success – from signage to sports screenings

Clubs, like every other business in the UK, need to rise to the challenge of the economy we find ourselves in. This short, sharp audit is a good exercise to make sure you’re covering all bases,  says Caroline Scoular.

Gaining with training – why it pays to make them stay

So you’ve recruited them… now you have to keep them. Timely advice on the value of training.

Winning with wine

It is approaching that time of year when clubs look to refresh their wine list. It’s an important task and one that shouldn’t be neglected, advises Mark Tipton, Marketing Manager at Tolchards

Beware the small print

Insure for all you’re worth –and beware of the small print and the disclaimers, warns Circle Golf’s Ian Smith.

Look after your staff to look after your members

The personal savings and insurance gap in the UK has been well publicised. It’s now clear that successive governments want to transfer some responsibility for addressing this onto employers. Bright Wealth Management Director Ian Crombleholme explores some of the issues that all employers will need to address.

Touched by fire!

Gregg Patterson is on a mission to show the glorious golfing game in a completely new light. Here he shares the mission, the passion and the journey.

View from the other side of the pond

Former CMAE President Arnaldo Cocuzza CCM shares his thoughts on moving from Europe to the Charlotte Country Club, one of the top 10 country club in the United States.

Investing in the Bank (of Knowledge)

In business terms the Bank of Knowledge is the investment that generates never ending returns, something that all businesses dream of. In personal terms it is one of the few decisions we make that is certain to have a positive and powerful impact on the rest of our lives, says Bill Sanderson.

Pushing the boat out

Gabrielle Boase CMD is General Manager at Datchet Water Sailing Club in Berkshire. She’s already completed her MDP Parts 1 and 2 and Food & Beverage Management Course and is raring to get started on Level 3. Here she takes time out to share her experiences with Clubhouse Europe.

Securing sponsorship satisfaction

Mike Braidwood CCM examines the value of sponsorships to clubs and how to ensure that the relationship works for all parties – including the members. Here are his 10 Top Tips with an additional one thrown in, all in the spirit of under-promise, over-deliver!

Creating Tribes – it’s Genius!

Club managers at new destinations and emerging markets have the challenge of growing a membership base from scratch. Golf Genius offers up the following fascinating case study from Azerbaijan.

Exceeding expectations one sense at a time

When Mike Braidwood CCM was first introduced to the concept of sensual auditing by Dr Ali Poorani at the Club Managers Association of America’s (CMAA’s) annual World Conference last year it got him thinking. How could this be applied to clubs around Europe?

Coaching plans – riding the waves

How well do you know your members? And more importantly, how will you find new ones? Why people choose specific sports and how they access them is a major focus for sports body Sport England with learnings that cross borders. The story so far.

The art of listening

Just how well do you understand your members’ needs and expectations? Do you ask for their views? Because if you don’t, you could be spending time and money in the wrong areas – and to little effect. GGA’s Rob Hill explains.

Attracting and keeping junior members

Much good work goes into developing junior memberships, whatever your club’s sporting focus, with free lessons a norm for many CMAE member clubs – particularly golf clubs. But has all that effort had much of a return on investment? CMAE’s Mike Braidwood CCM offers up insights into how to attract and keep junior members, whatever your club.

Appreciating the value of the volunteer

Would it surprise you to know that there are nearly 3.2 million people volunteering their time in the sport sector in the UK alone? Or that the estimated economic value of all those volunteers is around £53 billion? James Stibbs, Head of Communications for the London-based Sport & Recreation Alliance, examines the importance of encouraging club volunteers.

CRM & Database Management

Do you know your customers? Are you doing all you can to capture, utilise and maintain your customer data? ESP Leisure explains the role of Customer Relationship Management.

Do Facebook ads really work?

In the ever-changing world of social media, should clubs be paying to promote club activities? The folk at Larrytech take us on a Facebook journey.

Insuring for the future

“I have always disliked management speak. We forever hear companies talking about being proactive rather than reactive; in all walks of life there is room for action and reaction but there is never any room for complacency,” says Ian Smith, Director, Circle Affinity.

Negotiation: how to get what you bargained for

From discussing terms of an employee’s contract to securing the best deals from suppliers, the ability to seal the deal and – ideally – keep everyone happy is essential. Enter the art of negotiation.

How to be a HR Star

Do you sometimes feel that all you do is deal with staff issues? Well, there’s good news for readers with a staffing responsibility. Putting in preventative systems can help you to achieve streamlined team management, freeing you up to make more effective use of your time explains CMAE’s Michael Braidwood.

Don’t panic... Everything is under control – isn’t it?

“Someone once referred to me as a ‘control freak’. Now, whilst I readily admit to being the latter (freak!), I would dearly like to claim to always being in the former – in control!” says CMAE MDP course provider Steven Brown.

Attention to detail

There is a lot of talk in the golf industry about “attention to detail”, but what exactly does that mean? And what is it about attention to detail that discerning customers subliminally like? CMAE’s Mike Braidwood explains.

Get more with these website 3 “Easy Wins”

Almost every club today is looking for an advantage when it comes to their website, and many clubs have no idea where to start. Topics such as Search Engine Optimisation seem almost too big to comprehend, and detailed analytics can be overwhelming for even seasoned website administrators,advises Trevor Coughlan from Jonas.

Selling membership – and closing the deal

It is really important in these challenging times to have a robust process to your membership sales, says CMAE’s Director of Education Mike Braidwood. Success will be based on process and professionalism.This process should be written down and your staff trained on it fully.

Who constitutes the extremists in your club?

The Extremists. They sit upright in the club, sermonising constantly and chastising committee members, management and staff with equal enthusiasm. There are occasions when their complaints are justified but it is the zeal of their delivery that is very damaging, ponders David Roy, Manager at the Crail Golfing Society.

Gaining with training

One of the biggest challenges that all clubs face is financial. As a result, club managers these days must have a good grasp of the figures, from understanding the balance sheet to the importance of cash flow. But help is at hand, explains Duncan Ritchie.