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Club Governance - Guidance for Clubs

Member-Owned (Equity) Clubs

In early 2009, the Board of Directors of the CMAE asked a small group of experienced club managers to draft a Club Governance Handbook, which could be published and made available to clubs and club managers, to help them establish a sound governance structure at their clubs.  To help a club create and operate an accountable and transparent governance model for their club, we have also produced a set of Guidance Notes, which should be read in conjunction with the Governance Handbook.

The document is a template, in Word format, to allow a club to personalize the document to their own particular circumstances. Please feel to use the whole document, or extracts from it, as you feel are appropriate for your club.

The CMAE fundamentally believes that a successful club is one where there is a clearly documented set of roles and responsibilities for all of the people involved in the club – from the ordinary member to the employee, and this document is one way to help a club achieve this. Without a written set of roles and responsibilities, individuals are free to place their own interpretation on the way the club should be managed, and chaos and uncertainty for all is the inevitable result.

This version has been created for an equity Club (i.e. a club which is owned by its members). A different version is being drafted for non-equity clubs (a commercially-owned club), and this should be available to download from the CMAE website shortly.

The CMAE would like to thank the Club Managers Association of America for allowing the CMAE Committee, under the Chairmanship of Kevin Fish CCM, to study their templates, and we would also like to thank all members of that Committee for all of their time and input into this project.

If anyone has any comments on the contents or use of this document, the CMAE would welcome your feedback, which should be sent by email in the first instance to the CMAE Association Manager Debbie Goddard on

We wish you and your club every success in the future.

Commercially-Owned (Non-Equity) Clubs

The Governance Template for commercially-owned clubs is currently being developed, and will hopefully be available to download from this page shortly.

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