Tuesday 1st of December: Education & Networking

08.00 Conference Area Opens

09.00-09.40 CMAE Welcome + Keynote Speaker

Rob Hill, GGA Partners “Measuring Leadership Success.”

Most of us have hero-leaders whose accomplishments we admire. Some are renowned the world over. Some are personal to us. We judge the success of their leadership by the decisions they make, the way they arrive at them and most of all, the positive impact of their actions.

So how should club leaders measure the success of their leadership? Are they measuring what really counts? In his keynote address, Rob Hill will suggest metrics for measuring leadership success in 2020 and beyond.



10.10-10.5 Seminar 1

“Retention or New Members? From a Revenue perspective”
Daniel Asis, CCM & Alberto Iglesias, CCM 


10.10-10.50 Seminar 1

“Building Trust in your Team” 
Andrew Whitelaw, CCM & Tristan Hall, CCM



11.30-12.15 Key Note Speaker

Andre Van Hall, Former GM “Effective Change Management”

Do Not Fear Managing Change – Be the Change

The most important kind of change is the one that YOU initiate or influence, the one you can make happen on purpose! Of course, it’s easier to fall into a safe routine and resist moving forward, but I am here to tell you: “Do not fear managing change – be the change.”


12.45-13.20 Seminar 2

“New Risk Management from 2021 - what have we learnt?”
David Roy, CCM & Chris May, CCM 

12.45-13.20 Seminar 2

“F&B Operations from 2021 - Where do we go from here?”
James Burns, CCM & Michael Braidwood, CCM



14.00-14.40 Key Note Speaker

Arnaldo Cocuzza, CCM  “Roller Coaster Ride” 

Arnaldo was a very successful Club Manager at an Italian Club and also former President of the CMAE. Life was good. He then lost his job and received some negative criticism. He was offered a position and new opportunity in the USA and uprooted his family for an American adventure. After many years of hard work, he has secured a Visa and now finds himself at the exclusive Desert Mountain Club in Arizona in the role of Clubhouse Manager. Hear his story here


15.00-15.35 Seminar 3

“Work life balance through Effective Management”
Fraser Jervis, CMDip & Criscia Walker, CMDip


15.00-15.35 Seminar 3

“Training and development cultures in Your club” 
Adam Rowledge & Michael Newland, CCM



16.15-17. Key Note Speaker

Vincent Phipps – Attitude Amplifier

Vincent Ivan Phipps is a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and communication coach. Vincent is called The Attitude Amplifier due to his high energy, content rich material, and interactive presentation style.

Vincent’s philosophy is, “If I can get you to laugh, I can get you to listen. If I can get you to listen, I can help you amplify."

17.00-17.45 After work – Tribute to Corporate Partners 2020