Monday 15th of November


Time Session (education in Zoom - breaks in Gatherly)
09.00-09.45  Open CMAE Meeting 
DoE Toby Johansson, Vice-President David Balden, CCM
go through the news and strategies from CMAE

Seminar - Sandra Tinari & Jack McCluskey “Eating the Big Fish” 

How video marketing can fit into your marketing plans for the club

In this dynamic session, club digital marketing professionals, Sandra Tinari and Jack McCluskey, will show you that biggest is not always best when it comes to marketing!Learn how the advent of digital marketing - particularly social media and now video content - enables smaller, challenger clubs on tight budgets to compete on the same stage and even outshine the industry's biggest operators! In today's world, social media content and the high-quality, low cost of cameras, has democratized marketing...creativity more than ever is what helps you stand out from the crowd.Sandra and Jack will discuss how one book, Eating the Big Fish, forever changed their approach to marketing and share their experiences of how they used these ideas and tools when working for clubs with smaller budgets and time constraints to make a big impact. Now working for the UAE giant, Dubai Golf, the team still to this today remain hands-on, shooting, editing and sharing most of their own content - remaining hands on, in control and low-cost without sacrificing quality, all the while tracking results and generating significant digital revenues.In our CMAE Eating the Big Fish session, Sandra and Jack will give you their secrets and practical tips on how to beat the best at their own marketing game.
It's time to Eat the Big Fish!

Seminar - Rhys Beecher, CCM & Nico-James Visser, CMDip “Committing to the future”

The pros and cons about committing fully with technology at the club

With a multitude of software’s available to the club managers, what key decisions are involved and how can we make sure the technology is working for us? How do you decide what is in the best interests of the consumer and what helps enhance operational efficiencies? In an environment where software providers are updating and adding new features at the same rates as iOS ! Making the best use of your technology requires commitment from your respective teams. This means not only being aware of what the technology is providing to your members or guests, but also ensuring your team have ownership and training to drive the usage.  Committing to the future is a consideration of these factors and the practical application within a busy semi-private golf club. Forget the perfect world and step into the ‘real world’ with a talk based on the trials and tribulations of doing what is best for the business, getting the best from your technology and ensuring both your members/guests and team members are progressing along the product adoption curve ! 


Seminar - Gary Firkins  "Syngenta: Solutions to sustain a growing golf industry"

In the wake of the pandemic, golf has experienced a surge in demand, including a record number of new players. But are clubs successfully converting customers – especially women – to long-term membership?

For the past decade, Syngenta has been leading the golf industry with groundbreaking market research, highlighting a $35 billion opportunity to increase the number of women and girls playing golf. In this session you’ll learn key insights from 10 years of research, the latest data and trends, along with case studies and gamechanger stories – insights and inspiration to inform your club’s future business sustainability.

Alliance Partner Meeting*
Corporate Partner Meeting*

Keynote Speaker – Ian Peek, MSc., MPGA

“The manager in the arena: high performance performance in a competitive environment”

This keynote speech is about creating and sustaining a successful management career. The arena is the manager’s workplace and positioning among their colleagues.
The content of this presentation comes from the 60+ hours Ian has spent interviewing 15 of the world’s leading professional Golfers on how they made it to the top in their chosen arena. But this presentation is not about playing Golf. It concerns itself with the personal and professional decisions these individuals made to create and sustain successful careers. Drawing on his PhD research into these high performing individuals Ian analyses their strategical and operational frameworks during four career phases:

• Entering the arena:belonging or not belonging?
• Adapting to the challenge: learning the rules of success
• Taking the audience acclaim: when are you at the top of your game?
• Leaving the arena: when and how?


Keynote Speaker - James Cronk - The ABCs of managing your 2IC's (second in command)

Does the idea of lounging on a beach make you sweat… or sweat with worry?
Do you wonder if your managers are stupendous... or maybe slightly stupid?
Having trouble keeping your management team on-task, accountable and focused on their mission?

In this session you will learn some of the ABC’s for successfully managing your 2IC’s (Second In Command’s…i.e. Golf Professional, Superintendent, F&B Manager, Chef, Sales Manager, etc).

You will learn some of the best practices for setting measurable KPI’s, establishing effective two-way communication tools, writing contracts and job descriptions, and even how to hire (and fire) them if needed!

Join James Cronk as he shares with you lessons he has learned working with many of the best managers/owners in the industry today!

Welcome to CMAE European Conference 2021
DoE Toby Johansson & President James Burns, CCM
officially opens the conference. 

Keynote Speaker - Adam Rowledge - If you want to reach your five star dream, you need to build a FIVE STAR team

"If you expect your team to deliver a five-star service and achieve five-star results, then you need to embed a FIVE STAR culture first. If you want a culture of empowerment and engagement in your business, then you need to focus on your team in the same way that you focus on your members.  It’s essential to prioritise personalised employee experience development over standardised customer service training in order to maximise the potential of your people. If you do, expect higher sales, lower costs, increased member satisfaction and reduced employee turnover. No matter the size or scope of your club, Adam has helped businesses from boutique bed and breakfasts to retail multinationals with his 8-lesson methodology to create a FIVE STAR team, a world-class, award-winning culture and create competitive advantage through your people."

After Education – Tribute to Corporate Partners 2021
Surprise visit

* Closed meetings, by invite only

Tuesday 16th of November

Time Session (education in Zoom - breaks in Gatherly)

Explore Gatherly, Have fun, Network & Meet Corporate Partners

CMAE Welcome + Keynote Speaker - Ross Matheson – AELTC GM, Do you really ever reach the summit?

Ross Matheson (AELTC Club Manager)  talks about the latest journey in the delivery of the 2021 Championships and how we managed to look after over 300,000 tennis fans!  Sometimes with all the preparation, planning and pre paving there are many outcomes you simply can’t predict…. 

How does a Club Manager work with his team to get ready, what’s the advice when you are about to embark and when things go wrong, how do you change course, learn and react quickly? 

Take some more steps with me in my brief presentation as we all reach upwards towards our next summit…

Coffee Break (network in Gatherly)

Seminar - Dan Naudo, CMDip & Brad Gould “Operations Excellence”

Operational Excellence has played a pivotal role in both our careers to date and we wanted to share our insights on successful methods to get the best from your operation. There isn’t an operational facility we have spoken to over the last 18 months that hasn’t  experienced difficulties within service levels or employee life cycles and the balance that comes with leading your team whilst maintaining KPI’s within the business. We hope that by sharing some of our best practices around operational excellence you can implement these in the day to day running of your facility and make a difference for your staff, members and guests. 

Seminar - Ed Chapman, CMDip – Skills over structure: protecting the future of your club through governance

In this fascinating and interactive presentation, derived from a 24-week Master’s degree research project, you will learn how governance structures and board composition effect organisational performance; what golf club managers see as the key challenges facing them; and the use, or lack of use, of corporate management practices. This will benefit club managers by arming them with empirical research to use as evidence for their board; to facilitate a discussion around the key challenges and what can be done to overcome them; and gain an insight into what corporate management practices may be beneficial to implement.

Seminar – Ed Edwards, CCM - If you had the chance to start from scratch, what would you do?

Listen and participate with Golf Saudi COO Ed Edwards, CCM and hear how they are building golf in Saudi Arabia. A number of his amazing Team of people will share their stories and how it all ties back to sustainability. What would You do if you had a blank piece of paper? Would you start with your WHY? This session is not to be missed.

Coffee Break 

Keynote speaker - Rasmus Ankersen “Hunger in Paradise”

In ‘Hunger in Paradise’ he describes how successful organisations can remain successful by eliminating complacency.

Rasmus has been hired by well-known global brands like Facebook, Google, LEGO, Boston Consulting Group, Microsoft, Roche, Astra Zeneca, Coca-Cola, Cisco and many more to share his research on how to build high performance organisations.


Seminar - Brodie McDonald, CMDip & David Shepherd ”The real truth about working abroad”

In this seminar Brodie and David plan to discuss the real truths about working abroad. We will try and bring to life our experiences, both good and bad of living in Southern Europe, Scandinavia, Middle East and Asia.  We will share our thoughts on choosing the right role, venue, employer, owner, timing and what to expect as individual or family. As part of the seminar we have prepared some practical hints and recommendations for the best way to secure your dream job abroad and what to look out for to avoid an early flight home.”

Seminar - Alex Woodward, CCM “Leading your committee”

On this seminar you will get some Understanding the roles and responsibilities in the committee room. Alex and Robert will also talk about Guiding and influencing to get the right results. Something to bring along will also be hoy you can Use the alphabet to describe the role of a GM with committee and members. Finally also the importance on Educating the staff and evidence your committee. 

Seminar – Paul Mainstone & Les Durno, CMDip  “10 Golden Rules for not getting hacked”

This session will have Facts, Figures and Statistics around cyber in small businesses; The difference between hardware and software defences and those needed from people; A brief explanation of Cyber Essentials and how it helps; a quick demonstration of Cyber Smart and why it is important; and questions and answers. Les Durno will share his experience on being hacked and the implications while Paul Mainstone will help delegates make sure it won’t happen to anyone else.

Coffee Break 

Key Note Speaker – Megan Reitz  “speaking truth to power”

Megan is Professor of Leadership and Dialogue at Ashridge where she speaks, researches, consults and supervises on the intersection of leadership, change, dialogue and mindfulness. She is on the Thinkers50 Radar of global business thinkers and HR Magazine's Most Influential listing and has presented her research to audiences throughout the world. Speaking truth to power is a subject that is extremely topical at the moment in sport, entertainment, healthcare, across politics and the corporate world. With my research partners, I have been examining the consequences of staying silent on matters of misconduct, the need for people up and down the formal hierarchy to speak up with disruptive, innovative ideas as well as the ‘conversational habits’ we hold personally, in our teams and organisations, which include or exclude diverse voices.

Coffee Break 

Seminar - Adrian Wood, CMDip & Michael Braidwood, CCM “Becoming a Golf Club General Manager : The Trials and Tribulations from moving from General Industry to the Golf Industry”

The presentation by Adrian Wood (GM at Longcliffe GC – Leicestershire) and Michael Braidwood (GM at Education City GC – Qatar) describes the journey, the experiences and the challenges of trying to move from General Industry to the Golf Industry. The journey explains the ‘bruises’ received, lessons learnt and clear suggestions from Adrian Wood who has recently succeeded in moving into the golf industry and his lucky or unlucky Mentor, Michael Braidwood, who saw and experienced firsthand the challenges, frustrations and achievements. If you want to hear about this very different journey and know how you could;- support potential Managers to get into the golf Industry,- find more Management for your club in the future.

Seminar - Nick Solski, CCM – "The science behind Boomers and Swingers - why understanding human behaviour and emotions can lead to bigger profits"

Listen to creative Nick who runs Boomers and Swingers which is described as:The Best Ball Whacking Field in Manchester!Everyone is welcome here at Boomers & Swingers so whether you're a seasoned golfer or just wanting to hit balls at tanks.A session where you will laugh, wonder and come out with a bunch of new ideas that might be possible to turn into your own. 

Seminar – George Stavros & Richard Clements, Pacesetter – The future of IT in the club space

In 2021, every company is a tech company - or should be and your club is no different. In this session, George Stavros from Pacesetter explains why private clubs can and should take queues from the world’s most disruptive brands when it comes to designing digital experiences their members will love (and share.) 

Coffee Break

Key Note Speaker – Gregg Patterson "Climbing the Mountain"

Living the Brand – Gregg is a one-of-a-kind. Listen to his take on the theme of the Conference and try to get some of the passion and energy that Gregg possess for this industry and for presenting.

These are challenging times and challenging times are an opportunity for the prepared, the creative, the enthusiastic and the resilient to do good and flourish. Tools are needed to power through the obstacles and climb The Mountain. This seminar will discuss the tactics managers can use to boost their energy, roadmap the journey, build the team, sustain the effort and climb The Mountain called SUCCESS.

After Education 

Wednesday 17th November

Time Session (All sessions open for all)

Workshop - Richard Cudlip - Demystifying ‘The Knowledge’

Listen to an active manager talking about “the knowledge” and how that could be utilised. In this workshop Richard will talk about the way a brain can be trained. Specially the case of London Taxis drivers. That training can then be used in your everyday life.

Understand how London Taxi Drivers learn and retain a huge amount of information and the key role that rigorous testing plays in this process.
Recognise that part of the learning process is finding what works for you, rather than follow the accepted route.
Demonstrate that your brain is capable of amazing things and challenge what you think you can achieve.


Workshop - Nathan Shearman & Tim Ladd. "It's all in your head, right?"

Red Umbrella is a company providing first aid training in mental health & wellbeing and also supporting clubs with assets in the same field.  

It is estimated that around 84 million people across Europe suffer from a mental health condition. That's about 1 in 6 people. This impacts on our employees and our members, throughout our organisations. And the scale of the problem is only getting worse. Improving mental health is the responsibility of everyone, but as clubs we play a vital role in the heart of our communities.

How can we help make an impact?    In this interactive workshop we're going to be discussing how we'll discuss what mental health is, how it affects people, and the signs and symptoms to look out for. We'll talk about how to initiate conversations about mental health, and how we can create a positive culture around mental health in our organisations.


Workshop -John Kemp, CMDip & Howard Craft, CMDip – Planning & Measuring a Sustainable Future for Your Club - Climate, Nature, Resources & Community

Sustainability is central to the way we run our clubs, the decisions we make every day, and the priorities our members and customers have in their lives.Every day we are more aware of the nature, resource, social and climate issues we face. The expectation of consumers, communities, governments and our own staff is that our clubs should show the positive steps we are taking to make the world a better place. This workshop is dedicated to exploring sustainability priorities for your club. We will discuss how sustainability fits into your club's vision, and how sustainability applies to all departments. You will receive a planning template to adopt, and record sustainability metrics that allow you to track your process - from financial to nature, reputation to climate.The presentation will include case studies from CMAE members who are leading the way and the big and small commitments they have made to make their own club more sustainable. 


Workshop - David Carry, Track Record – Resilience

Three time Olympic Swimmer David Carry will draw upon his heritage within elite sport and explore the topic of resilience. Your resilience capacity can be thought of as the amount of energy you canstore in your inner battery. By increasing your resilience capacity, you will bebetter able to maintain long term levels of high performance through periodsof challenge and learn skills to optimise self-management for life.This applies to individuals, teams and the environment they create for others.

13:00 Workshop -Steve Graves – Creative Marketing

Improving member loyalty through emotional awareness

Being a member of a Club is much, much more than simply ‘how much golf do I play at the club.’ This workshop will outline specific strategies that can be used at your club to greatly enhance how your members/golfers feel about your club and with that feeling will come a much more dedicated member for both usage as well as the promotion of your club. It has been stated that ‘innovation produces traffic and traffic produces habit.’ You can create a similar element of habit at your club through the emotional connection of your members/golfers/visitors to your club. This workshop will provide you with tangible, logical, practical and workable strategies to enhance the emotional connection of your members/golfers to your club. Once logic overcomes emotion you are fighting an uphill battle to recruit and maintain your members/golfers.


Workshop - Annette Whittley & Steven Brown – Challenge the norm

Meet two F&B gurus in an exciting debate and discuss the current situation in the Club F&B world. Annette from a US perspective and Steven from a UK perspective. What can be read from the current data or emotional responses by people from within the club and also members/visitors? What can be done about staffing as most clubs/businesses are under pressure? What about mental health, reservations and table service?  We will also put them in the Hot Seat to answer YOUR questions related to F&B.  


Final session & conference closing

Bonus Session: Shannon Herschbach & Mike Phelps

What will be the most important part of Member retention and member loyalty post-covid?You need to have an onboarding process in place at your club – you canCraft a system that delivers a consistent, repeatable experience to quickly turn new members into raving fans.Also create engagement - Build buzz and generate demand and affinity for special events, capital projects or clubs within the club.


Gatherly will be open for networking all three days, morning to even (and night time.....)